Rainer, Jürgen and Hans wish to share with you the passion for their profession as hoteliers and the enthusiasm for the many projects they have created. Over the years they have earned the trust of many customers by standing to their commitments and values: hospitality, outstanding service and excellence in quality. The story begins in 1999 when Rainer and Jürgen opened their first B&B called “Carpe Diem” in Provincetown, Massachusetts. In 2002 they met Hans, whose hotel background had brought him to work in many prestigious hotels in Europe before he joined forces with the two German B&B owners. Over the years the operation became with the help of hotel professional Hans much larger to finally morph into the boutique hotel Carpe Diem Guesthouse & Namastė Spa.
In 2013, after a trip to Liguria, which they fell in love with, the three Europeans had a pronounced urge to reconnect with their roots on the Old Continent and bought a vacation home in the Italian Impero Valley. A visit to La Barca in 2015 led them to buy this beautiful mansion, which inspired them to create their new pride: Casa Carpe Diem a Villa Barca.


For those of you who know trio, you know that they come with several furry quadrupeds that will ensure to bring a canine and a feline touch to your stay with us. Regarding Kimba, our Jack Russell Terrier, "play" is her motto: a short yet concise one! Throwing sticks is her favorite game and giving her lots of attention will you sure make her happy. The only problem is that she has a lot of stamina and you will give up before her. She is also known as Kimbanein (“Kimba, no!” in German) because it is the only way to tell her to stop. That surely shows the stubbornness of this little dog.

Just like a police officer, Créole is the vigilant guardian to maintain public order on the property. Rainer, Jürgen and Hans brought him as a souvenir from the island of Reunion... or shall we say, Créole adopted them after discovering a grilled sausage in the trash of their home rental and taking a nap on the terrace sofa with a full belly. Probably he thought “what great taste!”. He is a “Royal Bourbon”, as they called stray dogs on Reunion: a much more glamorous name! He loves to be petted but doesn’t like to be held in the arms or get snuggled to his face.

IMG_3389 (2)



Yoshii and Neko, our two Manx cats are the lords of Casa Carpe Diem. Neko, all black, has a peculiar gait and looks like a bowling ball running around the room. He is a “rumpy” Manx, meaning that he has no tail at all but a tuft of hair where the tail should be. Many people call the Manx a “dog-cat” because it wants to be around people. He will greet you, loves to get tons of affection and cuddling up in a warm lap... he's a lover boy! His brother Yoshii, who doesn’t carry the recessive gene of the Manx cat, is black and white... with a long tail. Yoshii is more the type of couch potato and he loves to bask in the sun. Placid, yet skittish and a bit of a coward too, he will nevertheless find the right moment to seek affection. Both feline friends never bite or scratch. They are perfect cats!