Our suites already have the softest, fluffiest, most comfortable pillows in the world, but we like to give our guests the opportunity to try something different.
We have selected some interesting alternatives for your sleeping pleasure…
Just let us know!


Soft down and feather pillow
Bask in the soft support of this incredibly fluffy pillow. An increased amount of fluffy down surrounds a feather inner pillow giving you plush cushioning and incredible comfort. Great for stomach and back sleepers.

Firm down and feather pillow
Relax with the firm yet fluffy down pilow with a feather inner pillow giving you plush cushioning and incredible comfort. Great for side and back sleepers.

Medium firm hypoallergenic down alternative pillow
Get the quality of rest you deserve with this down pillow, which offers the right amount of density for healthy neck and spine alignment.

Memory foam pillow
This hypoallergenic pillow helps relieving neck, shoulder and back pain by allowing the neck and shoulder muscles to fully relax, and promotes proper spinal alignment.

Contour memory foam pillow
Sleep refreshed and comfortable all night long with the cool contour memory foam pillow. The top layer allows airflow for a fresh, comfortable sleep, while the contour shape provides enhanced support relieving pressure on your neck and shoulders.

Buckwheat pillow
Sleep soundly, naturally with the revolutionary organic Zen Chi pillow. This pillow provides natural cooling comfort to your head and neck. If you have never slept on a buckwheat pillow, your night will never be the same.

Wedge pillow
This pillow uses gravity to provide relief for those who suffer from lower back problems, heartburn and sinus pressure.

Memory foam leg and knee pillow
This pillow offers the perfect combination of comfort and support by helping to reduce lower back, leg, hip, ankle or joint pain. By restoring natural alignment, the leg pillow helps relax muscles and relieve painful pressure points.